Why Dance?

Why Dance?

Emily Tang is one of our team members at Iacangelo Financial Group. She teaches at the Arthur Murray Studio on Broad Street in Red Bank and gives private lessons.

You are welcome to join us at our Holiday Dance Party on Sunday December 3 from 2-5 pm at the Joy2Dance Studio, 178 US-206, Hillsborough, NJ 08844. There will be food, gifts, and a dance show performed by Emily and her dance pro partner, Delyan. RSVP to Jerry Iacangelo at 732-688-8989.

Here she relays a story about how she helped one of her students, a couple that had experience on the dance floor but were looking to get better:

Spending more quality time together is a main reason why couples decide to try ballroom dance lessons. Sometimes the more experienced they get the more difficult it can be. The answer isn’t always in mastering the technique. I had to think outside the box for one couple to have a breakthrough in their learning.

This couple I taught has been married 30 years and knew a lot about dancing. They knew a variety of steps and could comfortably move around a room no matter what music is playing. Their goal was to achieve more beauty and grace in their movements. I tried to explain and demonstrate how to achieve a strong connection in at least 5 different ways. Even after I physically placed her exactly where she needed to be after a couple of steps she would be lost. She was trying but it seemed not to work for her. Then I asked her to simply hug her husband. Surprised at my suggestion and hesitating I hugged her first and she hugged me back. Then I said: “that’s exactly how I want you to hug your husband.” Her first attempt was with one arm, then both arms. I could see she was tentative as she started patting him on the back. I asked her to stop doing that and simply feel the embrace. After she fully embraced him and stayed with the feeling suddenly she stopped struggling with the dance positions and maintaining the connection. She knew all the technique. What was missing was the intimacy and vulnerability in the relationship that they had forgotten to demonstrate on a regular basis.

Dancing can be a window into the heart and mind of the person. I can tell quickly how my student may handle certain issues in life. For example, does he try to rush through the steps? Is he reluctant at leading? What I hope is that my dance students learn a lot about themselves as they work through the challenges of becoming more proficient dancers. This journey of self-discovery for the student is perhaps the most rewarding part of being a dance instructor.

Happy Dancing
Emily Tang

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