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Huge Financial Aid Packages Aren't Just For Low Income Families

Anyone Can Save Big On Their Dream College

But The Financial Aid Office At The College Will Never Tell You How To Do This...

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College SuccessPlanning Webinar

July 10, 2024
6pm PST
July 11, 2024
6pm PST
Jerry Iacangelo
Presented by Jerry Iacangelo
Founder and President
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Jerry is not your typical advisor.

He is NOT a college admissions coach.  

Jerry is NOT a traditional retirement advisor who says: "you can borrow for college but can't borrow for retirement."  

He is NOT promoting life insurance or annuities as the "magic" solution to all college funding woes.

Jerry integrates retirement planning with college funding planning to provide a coherent financial strategy for parents of college-bound students.  His unique approach typically results in a fortune being saved on college expenses and a clear path to the ideal retirement without delay.
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