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Founder and President

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Jerry Iacangelo is founder and President of Iacangelo Financial Group, a Registered Investment Advisor.  The motto of Jerry’s firm is “It’s not what you make it’s what you keep that counts.”  Jerry finds that many people have a strategy to help their money grow but lack a coherent, comprehensive, coordinated plan to generate income in retirement or protect their funds from taxes and market losses. 

He is also a College Funding specialist and has discovered that how people pay for college will have a lasting impact, positive or negative, on achieving their retirement goals.  It is important not to overpay for college so more money is available to fund retirement.  Yet so many do, for lack of a plan and critical information.

The trouble with a lot of financial advice, Jerry finds, is that it is discussed in a vacuum.   To assist him in meeting a client’s financial needs Jerry works with a

team of specialists in various areas such as estate planning, college funding planning, income strategies, tax planning, investment management, and health care needs. The job is not complete until the client can be sure that nothing has fallen through the cracks.

The client remains at the center of his universe and Jerry operates in a fiduciary capacity meaning what he recommends must be in the client’s best interest.  That of course should go without saying but still is  the exception rather than the rule in the professional financial advice world. 

Jerry is married to Irina, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia.  His daughter, Arina, works in the field of education.  When not working, Jerry’s passions are travelling and ballroom dancing.  He is ably assisted by his client relations manager, Jaymie Braman. 

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